Michael has transformed countless homes through his elevated design aesthetic and unique collaborations with his clients across the US.


Overlooking the historic town of Hurley, NY, this home built in 1973 was neglected for almost 20 years. During the renovation, more than 45 trees were removed from the 1-acre property to reveal endless mountain views of the Catskill mountains. The exterior was modernized with concrete parging, painted matte black, and paired with minimalist landscaping to highlight the majestic mountain views. The interior abounds with simple yet opulent Venetian plaster finishes, painted brick, reclaimed woods, and leather accents, creating a peaceful yet dramatic environment to enjoy nature inside and out.


The owners were considering selling their home and purchasing a more modern home.  However, we delivered the modern feeling they were looking for with a few simple changes.  The most significant transformation was accomplished by redesigning the dated built-ins in their family room, the center of the home.  Shelving was maximized to display a collection of artifacts from their world travels.


A compact 5′ x 8′ guest bath that completely delivers on the clients desire for a “zen” retreat.  The black bamboo tile accent wall creates a calming sense which elongates the space complimented  by the simple beige shower tile that keeps the room feeling bright and open.  The result is a room that feels much larger that it actually is.  The perfect minimal statement evokes a sense of warm and  inviting peacefulness.


This farmhouse kitchen got a budget friendly refresh by reusing, refacing and rethinking the awkward layout.  Originally, the kitchen had a tall peninsula that created a massive bottleneck.  The existing pantry door also completely blocked off the only entrance into the kitchen.  The peninsula cabinets were reused along the back wall and the new larger pantry uses sliding doors to eliminate doors blocking the flow.  One side of the pantry stores meal prep items and a countertop with microwave and toaster, while the other side stores meal cleanup items to optimize efficiency.   The breakfast area got a refresh as well to coordinate with the kitchen and showcase the owners collection of crocks.  The island was refaced and extended to conceal a convenient tall garbage bin.


lthough this garden is relatively small, it overwhelms with character. Contrast foliage blends seemlessly with the wooded terrain beyond the deer fencing making the landscape feel endless. Pops of color burst forward throughout spring, summer and fall providing endless surprise and delight.  


This circa 1740s country stone home in the Hudson Valley maintains it’s authentic farmhouse feel with this renovation.  Highlighting 200+ year old woods original to the house was a priority.  A mix of vintage and catalog pieces create a casual vibe perfect for relaxing weekends with friends and family.


Woodstock home gets a much deserved facelift bringing light into all the spaces, while still maintaining its cozy atmosphere. The owner loved exploring local flea markets and salvage houses and wanted her home to reflect this passion. Locally sourced salvage pieces are reinvented into furniture and showcased throughout, highlighting this one of a kind home.


AN ELEGANT VICTORIAN GENTLEMAN’S BATH            As a founding member of the Kingston Design Showhouse, Michael is proud of the attention this project has brought to the Hudson Valley. Created as a vehicle to connect Hudson Valley designers and local resources, the Showhouse demonstrates that design sourcing can happen locally. The initial Design Showhouse partnered 10 interior designers and over 20 local artisans and 30 vendors. Currently in it’s 4th year, It’s success generated 100+ designer applications to participate and 8 homes offered to be the “next” Showhouse.    


This basic spec house in upstate New York got a major kitchen renovation as part of its overall renovation. The owner’s originally purchased the house in the Catskills of New York as a rustic weekend getaway from NYC. Over the past 17 years, the home and property have been drastically transformed into their primary residence.


This 15 acre estate on the Hudson River in the NY Catskills boasts expansive waterfront views. Not to be outdone by the river,, the landscape uses foliage to provide contrast, color and texture to the clean lawns and river below. The modern home is highlighted by the thoughtful plantings meticulously placed to contrast the lush landscape with minimalist architecture.


This 1740’s home is the perfect weekend getaway for a busy New York lifestyle. The landscape highlights the natural beauty of the 14 acre estate by highlighting expansive lawns, accented with thoughtful vignettes to escape into.  The landscape was designed to highlight the natural beauty of all four seasons, offering an experience that constantly fascinates.